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Saya hanya seorang pemandu,dan anggota turist guide provinsi banten,sengaja membuat blog ini sekedar memberi gambaran tentang lokasi di mana say tinggal juga memperbanyak hasata wisata ,baik wisata pantai,laut maupun hutan disekitar pantai carita Banten

krakatau tour-4 star service


Duration : 3 day 2 night

Location : Sunda strait

Grade       : Easy

Tour itenerary

Day 01,Pick up at jakarta air port ,or jakarta city at 07 morning,Direct to carita -tanjung lesung by private car, [ Equipped Ac,reclining seat ] within 3 hrs alon toll road,entering to Cilegon,Anyer ,and carita ,than transfering to Tnjung Lesung resort,to spend overnight [ this hotel has private beach and away from public recreational area  ]

“First class accommodation of international standard is available at the luxurious four star Tanjung Lesung Resort Hotel which, complemented by facilities such as the nearby Beach Club and Sailing Club, ensures a perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday.”

day 02 ,Leave for krakatoa volcano at 8 morning with fast boat,take 1,5 from hotel ,up on arrival at krakatau sight seeing ,trecking up to Krakatau anak [ when unactive],afterward board to boat forward to Rakata island,[for snorkling and Lunch, ]This island has pretty lagoon with various fishes and bauty coral ,you may enjoying rest time before retur to the hotel at 14 pm.

By afternoon,about 2 pm board to the boat again and return to the hotel, Dinner sleep [ overnight ]

Day 03 ,Average 12 -01 pm back to jakarta with private car [ ending tour ]

Photos of this hotel

Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Zamrud Cottage
Zamrud Cottage
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Guest Room
Guest Room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Guest Room
Guest Room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Zamrud room
Zamrud room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Mutiara Room
Mutiara Room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Guest Room
Guest Room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Guest Room
Guest Room
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Restaurant
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Kid’s Club
Kid’s Club
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Banana Boat
Banana Boat
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Jet Ski
Jet Ski
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Snorkeling
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Spa
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Tanjung Lesung Jogging Track
Tanjung Lesung Jogging Track
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Reception
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Hotel Exterior
Hotel Exterior
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Hotel Exterior
Hotel Exterior
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Hotel Exterior
Hotel Exterior
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Garden
Tanjung Lesung Bay Villas Hotels & Resort Anyer - Beach



Sambolo Beach bungalow


Sambolo Beach bungalows are furnished with the following items:

Indoor living area

* Lounge seating for six people with seat and back cushions

* Coffee table

* Dining table and 6-8 dining chairs with cushions

* 3 Bar stools and bar bench top

* Side tables with lamps

* Ceiling fans


* Gas stove with 13kg LPG gas bottle and regulator

* Medium-size refrigerator

* Granite-topped bench with cupboards

* Rubbish receptacle and large plastic washing tub


* 3 bedroom bungalows sleep 7 to 8 people

* 4 bedroom bungalows sleep 9 to 10 people

* Spring mattress, mattress protector and pillows (bunk beds in children’s rooms have foam mattresses)

* Bed covers, bed sheets and pillow covers

>Bromo tour east java




Bromo Tour Package

This province offers tourists many objects of tourist interest. Buddist sanctuaries and Hindu temple comprising many architectural splendor are impressive legacies of past empires including the powerful and extensive Majapahit empires of the late 13th  centuries. Indeed, almost every village, town and city in East Java seems to have its own unique historic relics and legends. Famous for their magnificent scenery in this province are Mt.Bromo and the mountain resort of Tretes and Pandaan.

DAY    1          :SURABAYA – BROMO
Upon arrival at Juanda airport Surabaya, you will be met and transfer to your choice Hotel at Bromo area.Stay overnight .Evening free programme.

Early Morning,Start your journey the beauty of nature and the splendid Sunrise at Mt.Panjakan (subject to the weather condition ) Proceed to Mt.Crater. Through the shimmering sea of sand (horse-back riding at your own expense).Return to your hotel for having breakfast and hot shower.Depart to Surabaya Airport /hotel at around 09.00 am.

DAY    1          : SURABAYA – BROMO
Upon arrival at Juanda airport Surabaya, you will be met and transfer to hotel in Bromo Area. Stay overnight at your Hotel choice. Evening is free programmed.

DAY    2          : BROMO – MALANG/BATU
Early Morning. Start your journey to enjoy the beauty of nature and the splendid Sunrise at Mt.Panjakan(subject to the weather condition). Proceed to Mt. Bromo Crater. Through the shimmering sea of sand (horse-back riding at your own expense). Breakfast at Hotel before leaving for Malang en-route visit Singosari temple and Dwarapalas. Continued to Batu and Selecta a beautiful  mountain.

After breakfast at the hotel, free at your own leisure till time to drop off to the airport for your next destination.  

Day 01. Surabaya – Bromo
Upon arrival Juanda Airport, meeting service and direct transfer to Bromo Cottages at Tosari. Evening free.

Day 02. Bromo – Kalibaru
Morning call at 03.30 AM. Your journey start at 04.00 AM to enjoy the beauty of nature and splendid sunrise at Pananjakan then proceed to the Mount Bromo crater over shimmering “Sea of Sand” on horse back. Breakfast at hotel, leave for Kalibaru via Probolinggo, Jember and Jatiroto. Lunch en-route. Overnight at guest house.

Day 03. Kalibaru
Halfday tour to coffee, cocoa and nutmeg plantations, visiting the factory where the product are proceed and package for export. Lunch, dinner and overnight at guest house.

Day 04. Kalibaru – Surabaya – Out
Drive back to Surabaya via Probolinggo and Pasuruan and transfer to Juanda Airport for your flight to the next destination.

>Baliem Valley -West papua



The Lani
Like the Dani, the Lani are expert farmers utilising
a highly effective and efficient irrigation system to
produce abundant crops of Sweet Potatoes (Ubi),
Tobacco, Beans, Taro, Spinach, Sugar Cane and Bananas. Much of the Lani lands lie in a beautiful oasis interspersed
with checkerboard patterned sweet potato gardens.
The Lani are more stockily built than the medium-bodied
Dani and their lands are more densely populated.
They tend to congregate in largish villages rather than
the small compounds which dominate Dani territory.

The Baliem Valley
was once dubbed
Shangri La and it is
easy to see why.
The Valley is incredibly
lush and fertile
and is surrounded on
all sides by towering
peaks of 2,500
to 3,000 metres. The fertility is such that the valley has been farmed for 9,000 years
but it was only discovered by westerners in 1938! There are three mains tribes
inhabiting the Baliem Valley: The Dani in the base, the Lani to the west and
the Yali in the south-east. Each tribe has a distinct culture. One sure and
interesting way to distinguish between the tribes is from the Koteka,
or penis gourd, sported by the male members. The men of each tribe tend
to the growing of the gourds with the three tribes each cultivating a different style.
The Dani use a long, thin Koteka, the Lani sport a medium sized,
wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali wear the longest of all.
The Dani
Entering Dani territory involves a journey into a deeper reality.
The inevitable pig-feast on arrival is your rite of passage into their unique culture
for an engrossing a four or five hour intense experience. You will find yourself in
a simple, traditional compound surrounded by fully greased and painted
Dani tribes-people wearing their ceremonial best.

The whole elaborate affair is deeply spiritual, far more than a photo-session
can ever capture. Here you will be warmly greeted by the amazing Chief Yali,
our adoptive father who is legendary amongst the Dani for his kindness,
generosity and skills in the art of co-operation and avoiding conflict. With this unique
and privileged connection you will receive the full weight of Dani hospitality.
The weather in the Valley is predominantly sunny and
trekking along the river amidst the terraced farmlands and
wondrous forests is a trekker’s paradise. Trails are usually clear and maintained
as local people travel them and this makes the trekking pretty comfortable.
The Yali
The Yali tribe lives high up along the valley ridges in the Jayawijaya mountains.
The land here is rugged and thinly populated. The tribes-people live in
wooden huts with roofs made of tree-bark and they are grouped into small
compounds. A vegetable garden and dense rainforest will surround each compound.

Trekking in the Yali area is more strenuous than in the lower reaches of the Valley
but it is perfect for the fit trekker who wants to experience truly virgin rainforest
and the unique people who live amidst it.
In summary, The Baliem Valley will provide a never to be forgotten experience.
The inhabitants of the valley are essentially peace-loving agrarians who
welcome visitors wholeheartedly.

Flores tour kelimutu crater



Flores (Portuguese for “flowers”) is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, an island arc with an estimated area of 14,300 km² extending east from the Java island of Indonesia. The population is estimated to be around 1.5 million, and the largest town is Maumere

Flores is located east of Sumbawa and Komodo and west of Lembata and the Alor Archipelago. To the southeast is Timor. To the south, across the Sumba strait, is Sumba and to the north, beyond the Flores Sea, is Sulawesi.

Flores is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province. The island is split into five regencies (local government districts); from west to east these are: Manggarai, Ngada, Ende, Sikka and Flores Timur.

Flores has several active and dormant volcanoes, including Egon, Ilimuda, Leroboleng, and Lewotobi (see the full list).

Flora and fauna
The west coast of Flores is one of the few places, aside from the island of Komodo itself, where the Komodo dragon can be found in the wild. The Flores Giant Rat is also endemic to the Island. In September 2003, at Liang Bua Cave in western Flores, paleoanthropologists discovered skeletons of a previously unknown hominid species. Homo floresiensis, affectionately termed hobbits after the small characters in the Lord of the Rings, appear to be miniaturized versions of Homo erectus standing about one metre tall. They may have existed until as recently as 11,000 BC.

Local reports of elf-like people, the Ebu Gogo, or the Orang Pendek of Sumatra, have caused speculation that Flores man may have survived into the historical period, or even to the present. The discovery has been published in the October 28, 2004, issue of Nature magazine and the April 2005 issue of the National Geographic Magazine. However, on August 21, 2006, the National Geographic Newsletter published an article reporting that several scientists now believe that the remains discovered in 2004 were not of a different species but were pygmies. Flores was also a habitat of the extinct Stegodon dwarf elephant until approximately 18,000 years ago. It also was the habitat of species of giant rodents. It is speculated by scientists that limited resources drove the few species that lived upon the island to gigantism and dwarfism. 

There are many languages spoken on the island of Flores, all of them belonging to the Austronesian family. In the centre of the island in the districts of Ngada and Ende there is what is variously called the Central Flores Dialect Chain or the Central Flores Linkage. Within this area there are slight linguistic differences in almost every village. At least six separate languages are identifiable. These are from west to east: Ngadha, Nage, Keo, Ende, Lio and Palu’e, which is spoken on the island with the same name of the north coast of Flores. Locals would probably also add So’a and Bajawa to this list, which anthropologists have labeled dialects of Ngadha.

Portuguese traders and missionaries came to Flores in the 16th century, mainly to Larantuka and Sikka. Their influence is still discernible in Sikka’s language and culture.

Flores is almost entirely Catholic and represents one of the “religious borders” created by the Catholic expansion in the Pacific and the spread of Islam from the west across Indonesia. In other places in Indonesia, such as in the Malukus and Sulawesi, the divide is more rigid and has been the source of bloody sectarian clashes.

The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu; three coloured lakes in the district of Ende. These coloured lakes change colours on a regular basis. The latest colours (late 2004) were said to be turquoise, brown and black.

There is good snorkelling and diving on several locations along the north coast of Flores, most notably Maumere and Riung. However, due to the destructive practice of local fishermen using bombs to fish, and locals selling shells to tourists, combined with the after effects of a devastating tsunami in 1992, the reefs have slowly been destroyed.

Labuanbajo (on the western tip of Flores) is a town often used by tourists, from where they can visit Komodo and Rinca. Labuanbajo also attracts scuba divers, as whale sharks inhabit the waters around Labuanbajo.

Tourists can visit Luba and Bena villages to see traditional houses in Flores. Larantuka, on the isle’s eastern end, is known for its Holy Week festivals.


Kelimutu is a volcano, close to the town of Moni in central Flores Island of Indonesia containing three summit crater lakes of varying colors. Tiwu Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) is usually blue and is the westernmost of the three lakes. The other two lakes, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake) are separated by a shared crater wall and are typically green or red in color, respectively. The lake colors do vary on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active upwelling that occurs at the two eastern lakes.

The lake have been a source of minor phreatic eruptions in historical time. The summit of the compound 1639-m-high Kelimutu volcano is elongated two km in a WNW-ESE direction; the older cones of Kelido and Kelibara are located respectively three km to the north and two km to the south. The scenic lakes are a popular tourist destination. Keli Mutu is also of interest to geologists because the three lakes are different colors yet reside at the crest of the same volcano.

The closest airports are Maumere, and Ende. There are regular flights to Maumere from Bali.

The drive from Maumere to Moni, the town at the base of Keli Mutu, takes about 3 hours OR



On arrival in Maumere pick you up at Waeoti airport then transfer to the local restaurant for lunch, afterward drive up to Moni for 95 km (4 hours) with several stop in Paga beach, Jupu village – to see the traditional house of Lio’s tribe and pay a call to comprehend the daily life of the local people., late afternoon arrival in Moni directly check in at Flores Sare.


After an early in the morning at 04.30 am, drive up to kelimutu volcano to see the three colored lakes, after admiring the nature wonder returned to the hotel, then drive to Riung with photos stop at Nduaria fruit market, Detusoko to enjoy the picturesque area, lunch will be served at local restaurant in Ende, continued to Penggajawa – the blue stones beach, photos stop should be made en route, on arrival in Riung then check in at Pondok SVD.

Riung is a Nature Conservation Park, mainly to protect under the water ecosystem. Take a chance to explore the islands nearby – known for the beautiful coral garden with its beautiful white sandy beach. There is also an island with unspoiled mangrove forest inhabited by thousands of huge fruit eating bats. Picnic lunch will be provided. Afternoon proceed drive Mengeruda – the Hot Spring to dip in for relaxation

Ngada is the capital of Bajawa and it’s very famously with Ethnic group villages and decorated by megalithic stones, one of them Bena village – stroll over to see the family traditional houses, afterward drive to Ruteng with photos stop in Aimere village to see the local people fermented to make “Arak” continued to Ranamese – a crater lake located in cloud forest, next proceed to Ruteng directly check in at Dahlia hotel.

Breakfast at hotel then visit the daily local market of Ruteng, afterward drive to Cara village – the Spider web rice field, lunch will be serve continued to Mello to view the beautiful panorama, afternoon arrival in Labuan Bajo then check in at Golo Hilltop for accommodation and dinner

Transfer to the harbor then aboard sail for approx 2 hours to Rinca island, on arrival trekking for 2 km through on beautiful landscape to see the activities of Komodo dragon and another wild animal, then freshen up your body by swimming and snorkeling in Kambing island, late afternoon proceed to Kalong in Komodo island to see thousand of Bats flying out from their nest, meals and over night on board.

Breakfast on Board, then hiking to Banuggulung to see the activities of Komodo dragons and another wild animal, afterward sail Pink colored beach which’s beautiful coral reef for snorkeling and swimming, continued sail to Bidadari island for a beach activities, afterward to Labuan Bajo, dinner and overnight stay at Golo Hilltop.

Breakfast at hotel, at 09.00 am visit the local market, continued to Batu Cermin cave before transferring to the Airport for your flight back to Bali.

Term conditions
– Any tour should be looked a latest 2 weeks in advance
– For every package tours is reserved should make a down payment
– 50% cancellation fee if made within 24 hours
– Children under 12 years 50% off.
– Full payment will be paid be for starting the program

Including In Price
– All tours & transfer
– Full board meals, Private Boat
– Ac Car, L-300, ELF, Bus
– Donation & Entrance fees
– English Speaking Guide Personal &
– Entrance ticket, Ranger & Retribution’s fees
– Accommodation in twin sharing Bed

Excluding in price
– Conservation fund USD 15 / Person
– Domestic air ticket
– Travel insurance
– other expenses such as tip, laundry and bar

Krakatau tour -one day-camping

Krakatoa or Krakatau or Krakatao is a volcanic...

Image via Wikipedia


For those of you in the busyness of daily work routine sometimes saturate, now saatnys and refreshing and your busy menhilangkan. We provide facilities for those interested in vacationing at the weekend with colleagues, relatives or even the visiting families of Mount Krakatoa, which lies on the sunda straits, and we offer packages with efficient and satisfactory service, you can share with others to save 50% the price of ordinary Carter. Come and visit the beautiful mountain krakatau that you can enjoy both worlds beneath the sea, with colorful ornamental fish and coral reefs around him. Package A Day trip from the beach in Carita berangkatkan using fast boat for a 1.5 hour drive. Arriving at Mount Krakatoa’s child, around, looking at the island that became part of Mount Krakatoa. Furthermore, down to the shore and climbed to the foot of Mount Krakatoa, to see the surrounding scenery from the Children’s Rise Kraktau.

AFTERWARD back to the Boat and proceed to Mount Rakata is located south of Anak Krakatau to relax and swim lunch chat with  corals and ornamental fish. afternoon about 02 hours into the boat in berangkatkan Carita on the way home, arrival and End trip. 1-5 price Parisipant price of 600.000, – 6-8 0rang 500.000, –

Note: if the departure will be collected at least 4 people Package includes: lunch, soft drinks, and norkling tools, guides have to be brought; 1.Sun 2.handuk block, 3.Topi 4.kacamata

PACKAGE B and we serve the package 2 days 1 night, staying at around Mount Krakatoa in peraltan staying well equipped in providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Participant Price 1-4 people 1000,000, -/person

PACKAGE C for the party’s group of companies that interested in visiting the mountain krakatau with a lot of us to provide a slow boat with a capacity for 15 people with power take 3 hours to travel to krakatau and 3 hours of departure AND RETURN. for which this katergori can reach a total of 10-12 hours of travel. Participant 1-10 0rang Price 500.000, – 400,000/person people 11-15 –


Ujungkulon sight adventure[ Java Rhino ]

A photo of a young but dead Javan Rhinoceros i...

Image via Wikipedia

Javan rhinoceros belong to animals that chew biak.makanananya is the tops of leaves, tree shoots, herbia, twigs and bark.
Among the types of where known, in rare rhinos eat grass type plants, because the rhino is not a weed eater
but the bud-eating plants, including its leaves and twigs.
Upper lip-shaped taper [prehensil] and can be used for food mengkait and pulled him into the general mulut.Pada
plants not eaten by rhinos dead, but grow back so that the suspect has a nature preserve Javan rhino and
Sumer preserve his feed.

Javan rhino is more solitary lives except during breeding season, pregnant and parenting anak.Di in this period can be met in small groups
2 individuals consisting of male and female rhino, or 3 individuals consisting of rhino male, female and average anak.Rata
Javan rhino movement in a single day between 1.4 to 3.8 km, [Amman, 1985]. Meanwhile, according to Mc Neeley legakul dams [1977] and Hoogerwerf [1970]
Javan rhino movement in a single day in areas ranging from 15-20 km.Di found roaming rhino paths, both permanent path
which is always in the past by a rhino and the path is not permanent in the time spent on looking rhino eating.

Mating behavior
Javan rhino behavior until inibelum many in the know, this condition is caused because it has not been much research on this tersbut
, But according to Schenkel and Schenkel-Hulliger [1969], reproductive biology is almost similar to the Javan rhinoceros Indian rhinoceros [Rhinoceros Unicornis],
so that until now many experts who interpret the behavior of Javan rhinos on the basis of the behavior of any Java India.Badak
times the child gave birth to only one tail, the period of breastfeeding and child care ranges from 1-2 years, 3-5 years while the birth interval.
Generally classified in adult female rhino if it has been aged about 3-4 tahun.Sedangkan Javan rhino adult males around the age of 6 years.
Productive age female Javan rhino can reach 30 years.

Wallow for Javan rhino is a basic requirement, other insect bites menghinmdari also to beristirahat.Badak Java
wallowing activities in certain places, usually in small streams or large amounts of water occurs genagan
hujan.Aktivitas wallow in the season is highly dependent on the availability of water in their habitat, so that the season has an important role
Rainy season in ini.Pada activity, the Javan rhino are relatively more frequent wallowing activity, because the availability of fresh water
relatively evenly across the tip of the peninsula region KUlon.Sedangkan more shower activity is done in the dry season


7 DAY / 6 NITE[Tour Package ]


START / END jakarat/carita


The tour covers Ujung kulon peninsula started from eastern, west, southern and back to the Eastern part.This tour package combination either over sea and overland [ by boat and trecking ].

Day 01

Leave at 9.00 to sumur {fisherman harbour ] take 3hrs from minibus.The boat wills take us up from Sumur to handeuleum Island by crossing Wellcome bay, 2hrs on the boat .As arrived in handeuleum Island ,we do some tours such as tracking ,fishing , or relax enjoying fisrst day trip. [sleep in simply guest house]

Day 02

Short boat trip to cigenter river to canoeing . Cigenter river is an object to be viewed,which is canoeing the most pavourite tour until at the and of the river we can be continued by walking to Water fall ,Most of vegetations are be seen in the journey Tropical rain forest.. And Once a while wild life animal viewed.The tour duration 4hrs return, and on the way back to the boat,Stop a while at Grazing ground to see animals such as wild cattle,deers, peacock birds, etc.In the afternoon , take one hr by boat To Citelang { stay over night ]

Day 03

Citelang to Jamang Swamp by walking on the coastal marine can be reached I hr.

There are kind of Animals and coastal forest can be seen in the Swamp.But most of the vegetations grows in the Swamp area are Grass.from Jamang Swamp The tour continued by walking to Nyiur Beach is about 10 km ,can be reached 3 hrs.As arrived at Nyiur beach lunch will be served,While enjoy the beach ,swim ,and skin dive can be done.Also Swamp and grazing ground of Nyiur are much possibly to be visited{ Stay over night }

Day 04

Early Morning , Take on the boat directly To Pecang Island by reporting to Resort officer .The Route in fourth day is Cidaon – Cibunar – Karang Ranjang.Which is take 7 hrs by walking,its about 20 kms.All the way treck are combination between land and marine.Object found this Along this route are lowland tropical forest,coastal forest , and arrived at Cibunar, refresh ,Lunch as well sight seeing on bush while enjoy Southern coast.Ci bunar as a transit for those who willing tour either Karang ranjang – Cidaon.We may stay overnight here,or Continued by walking to Karang – ranjang.

Day 05

Karang –Ranjang – Kalejetan Taman jaya,take 3hrs [ 6 km ] by walking.Along this track lowland tropical forest and followed by coastal forest with kind of animal such as mammals, birds,and others.camping ground is available here.

Day 06

Kalejetan-Taman Jaya.the distance about 4hrs [ 11 km ].the track is the same in south coast land generally.we walk through the tropical rain forest.once a while wild animal passing our track.By late afternoon arrive at taman Jaya and Stay overnight.Many object can be visited in taman jaya.

Day 07

After break fast take minibus back to Carita .and tour ending in carita

Fishing Sunda strait /Binuangeun

reef0613, NOAA's Coral Kingdom Collection. Nor...

Image via Wikipedia


Carita is a coastal town and clossest distant reached from Jakarta,It is main gate sunda strait,lot of thing to do in Carita,beside as atourist destination ,carita providing all the guest facility and atrraction.One of them is     fishing tour either fun or deep Sea Fishing,This information is providing for Fishing mania which is made you easy to find information and guidance to fishing.

Krakatau fishing tour,
Krakatau archipelago located in further west off Carita beach has distance 28 miles.In this area since long time ago as a fishing area for local people,from Sunda strait sorrounding,There are some spot to fishing as such as Rakata Island in south side of volcano,BATU MASJID,SERTUNG OR SERDANG ISLAND,PULAU PANJANG,those possibly by ground fish,kind of Fishes often cathced GT or giant Travelly,Red snapper fish,Crooper,and many others,Wahoo and Tuna are often Catched too,depend on the weather on monsoon.
Trawling and popping round the Krakatau archipelago is a much possibly.

Ujung Kulon panaitan Island

Ujung Kulon National park is a first destination deep sea Fishing in Sunda strait,lies from Peucang island to Tanjung parat a most north tip off Panaitan Island,Peucang island is often made as base of popping and ground fishing area ,especiality in Karang Copong ,Karang jajar and Further to north side which is take 2 hrs
from peucang,Tanjung parat or batu asin .offcourse in addtional time you may have trawling in Sorrounding peucang Island.


The game fishing in Ujung Kulon is outstanding with hotspots in Karang Copong, Karang Jajar, Panaitan/Tanjung Parat, Karang Kereta and Tanjung Layar.
A shallow reef lies off the corner of Peucang Island in Ujung Kulon and this popular spot is known as Karang Copong. This area is especially popular with smaller boats because it is normally sheltered from the wind. Tenggiri, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and further out where the area gradually deepens into the Panaitan Strait, Marlin and Sailfish can be caught.

Lying opposite of Karang Copong, the rougher waters of Karang Jajar guard the entrance of the Panaitan Strait. Here, boaters have to endure strong tides and big swells from the Indian Ocean to catch huge Giant Trevally, Dogtooth or Yellowfin Tuna, or marlin.
Tanjung Parat is, due to its sheltered position, another favorite spot for fisherman with smaller boats. Wahoo, Marlin and Sailfish, and large Giant Trevally at the nearby Batu Asin, are commonly found in these waters.

Probably the most rugged and exposed coastline in Ujung Kulon is the Southwestern extremity of Sanghiang Sirah and Karang Kereta. A spectacular cliff shoreline with tropical forest on even the steepest slopes plunges steeply into the Indian Ocean, These close inshore deep waters give ideal conditions for a wide variety of game fish.

The Tanjung Layar area, marked by the historical Tanjung Layar lighthouse, is characterized by a rough and rocky sea bottom. The many species of bait fish in these waters attract the big predators such as Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Tenggiri, and Giant Trevally. Read the rest of this entry

Carita hostel and Cheap room

Di samping hotel dan cottage ,Carita juga melengkapi diri dengan fasilitas murah berupa hostel dan losmen yang terletak di sepanjang Pantai Carita :PANIISAN
Paniisan hostel terdiri dari 16 buah kamar yang di lengkapi,AC,Kipas angin,serta Kantin untuk memudahkan pengunjung mendapatkan kuliner di Sekitar hotel 

Terdiri dari 17 kamar

Type A ,Dilengakapi;AC,Kamar mandi di dalam, 5 buah kamar

Type B,Dilengkapi ,Kipas angin,kamar mandi di dalam

Contact person Ibu maya :Hp 081806061653,kantor <0253 801072 Fax 0253801072

Menerima pelayanan tour krakatau ,baduy,ujungkulon

Tersedia,rumah makan dan kantin

Hanya 5 menit dari Paniisan hostel,juga di lengkapi dengan fasilitas ,Fan ,kamar mandi di dalam dan tempat parkir luas,

Memiliki Type kamar yang bervariativ dan di lengkapi dengan fasilitas restaurant,TV,Ac dan kipas angin ,Lokasi sangant strategis berdekatan dengan pantai,tempat ini juga memberikan layanan informasi tentang Wisata Carita secara gratis untuk memudahkan anda berwisata di sekeliling carita khususnya,maupun tujuan wisata yang lain.

Terdiri dari 10 kamar yang di lengkapi :Kipas angin denagn pemandangan pegunungan.



Lucia cottage terdiri dari kamar,dan cottage yang di sesuaikan dengan selera pengunjung di lengkapi:Kolam renang,AC,TV dan fasilitas bermain anak.Lokasi strategis di jalur utama Labuan Carita-Anyer,kamar termasuk sarapan pagi

Camping tour


Krakatau tour camping overnight ,2 day 1 night trip ,

Krakatau camping overnight in Krakatau volcano part of lampung province,border to banten, is a most Visited volcano in Sunda strait,other attraction,hiking,trecking,swimming and snorkling

Camp site at Rakata island or sertung island,both of place opposite to volcano with each 4 km distant