Bagedur Beach-Lebak Tourism

Lebak regency in Banten province has long been  recognized  as an attractive tourism potential. Tourism potential of this area is diverse. There is a unique township at the foot of the mountains of  Bedouin Citizens  Kendeng  which  is located about 50  km north of the city Rangkasbitung, Lebak District. There is also a tourism potential  and the  hybrid  oil palm  plantations  in the area Banjarsari, and a number of the sloping beach in South Banten.
Bagedur Beach which is located in the District Malingping, about 115 km from the City Rangkasbitung, worth practically as never deserted beaches visited by tourists. The appeal of the beach was not only because of its length reaches about 10 km but also wide beach with beach area that allows kelandaiannya used motorcycle rally location.Because of the slope and length, it is not strange that every year before the close, long vacation, droves of tourists visiting these attractions. Generally, tourists come to establish their own tents for resting sites. They also carry kitchen equipment and tableware as needed. 

With the portable equipment, the visitors can freely resting on the beach attractions Bagedur for several days, without pay. That fact is often done many families from Rangkasbitung, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Jakarta and even other cities in Java and Sumatra.

“The appeal of these attractions, according to my observations, in addition to its natural pristine beaches as well as a unique form. We are here if you always bring a bike, foot ball, volley ball, and fishing equipment. Ordinary until two to three days we Beach camping on the outskirts of Bagedur. It’s so, camping on the beach is free, “said Saut Simamora, resident of Tangerang. Saut always a trip to the beach with her family, a wife, two children who had already left for teenagers, families and helpers.

Bagedur Beach (4)

Bagedur Beach (3)

Bagedur Beach (2)

Bagedur Beach (1)


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Saya hanya seorang pemandu,dan anggota turist guide provinsi banten,sengaja membuat blog ini sekedar memberi gambaran tentang lokasi di mana say tinggal juga memperbanyak hasata wisata ,baik wisata pantai,laut maupun hutan disekitar pantai carita Banten

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