Wira Carita hotel restaurant


Wira Carita Cottage, Banten

Wira Carita cottage and various cottages artisticly designed located at Carita, known for its beautiful white sandy beach and the view to Krakatau Volcano.WIRA CARITA is easily accessible from Jakarta it takes about 2,5 hour drive from Jakarta.

Wira Carita with green hill and seaview is a perfect gateway for you to rest, relax and recreation. It’s a perfect choice for office outing, retreat, meeting, family gathering and other special occasion.

The location hotel of Wira Carita Cottage on other side of beaches, to the beaches you have to a cross the road of Carita, the beach of Carita surrounding the Wira Carita cottage is white sandy, the location opposite of Lippo Carita Condominium

Wira Carita Cottage offer the comfort place with all the amenities of modern and healthy living, the cottages in Wira Carita located on across the beaches, only type condo located on the beaches.  Wira Carita Cottages has some condo :

  1. Condominium type Studio on 2nd floor, facilitated and equipped with; Double bed sorong, AC Split, TV 20′, Aqua Galon, Kulkas, Shower, Balkon
  2. Condominium type 2 Kamar Lantai II facilitated and equipped with 1 Double bed sorong,  AC Split,  TV 20′, Aqua Galon, Kulkas, Shower, Balkon
  3. Condominium type Studio Lantai II facilitated and equipped with 1 kamar double bed, 1 kamar twin bed, 1 single bed, AC split, TV 20′, Kulkas, Dapur + peraltan, Aqua galon, Kamar mandi shower, Ruang tamu, Ruang makan, Teras

Guest of  type Condo able to use the facilities of main hotels, to main Wira Carita Hotel able to reached just across the Anyer road


About wisatapantaicarita

Saya hanya seorang pemandu,dan anggota turist guide provinsi banten,sengaja membuat blog ini sekedar memberi gambaran tentang lokasi di mana say tinggal juga memperbanyak hasata wisata ,baik wisata pantai,laut maupun hutan disekitar pantai carita Banten

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