Carita beach

A nice white sandy beach with it slow sea stream and beautifull panorama facing Sunda strait,bungallows and small hotel ewrebuilt on the hill avalaibable for visitors convinence.

Indonesia is a most vulcanic nation in Soth Asia , and consisting 300 some

island lies ain a vulkanic belt with the majority of the volcanoes extinct.Carita is a sample of a belt vulcanic Java and Sumatra Island,cause passed by major active volcano as such as Krakatau and Gunung Karang { gunung = Mountain,karang = rock] which the meaning rocky mountaint ,located in the eastern part of Carita beach .Those can be Reached from CARITA BEACH WITH spend 3 day 2 night tour

Carita has an amazing views and many tours object can be observed,by riding bike it will be take 4 hrs duration, while enjoying of trraces paddy field in Sindang Laut village,which held the history of Krakatau eruption in 1883.Sindang = visit Laut = The sea.Sinadang Laut is the only village in Carita which could not be reached by tidal wave in the past century,related to history Krakatau erupt explossion.The trip continued by bike riding up to montaint foot of Gunung Karang and directly to Citaman spring water pool.It is nice place located in the hilly village,you miy swim and refresh in the water drop off before back to carita passing Jiput districtarea and will arive in Carita beach by afternoon.


Carita has many stream allsize,one of them is Kasepen river.this tour programe is providing to the visitor who has no longer time in Carita, but want to know about Carita comunity and how do they life?as well you may try how to climb coconut tree.all those we create to supporting your vacation in Carita Beach.Tour started from Kasepen river paddling trough the river till Cilaban Bridge,and proceed by walking up to hill side and visit Sindang laut Village,gathering with local people and try to climb the coconut tree,how the expert are you to do this?afterward back to the canooe padling to the stream where we would like to visit The traditional fisherman Village in Crita Sorroundig,once a while we could drop of to the traditional Fish Market,the tour wills ending after 5 hrs Duration.

Carita huged by Sea and mountaint,both are richness of tourisme which one and the other can be separated,one of the special interest to whom which likes to make birding tour,Gunung pulosari and gunung kararang are belonging to Pandeglang regency is birding place.Country/Territory Indonesia/Banten

Site description Located 5 km north-west of Pandeglang, this area is surrounded by dry crop land (tegalan), rice field and plantation (Anon 1993).

Javan Hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi)
Recommended Citation BirdLife International (2009) Important Bird Area factsheet: Gunung Karang,
Flora and Othr fauna are common seen such as monkey,wild deer etc

We provide a sort of tour srounding Carita Beach and we let you to enjoying Sea calm water of coastal Sunda strait ,the attraction offers are,Snorkling ,swimming by hire boat to coral and atol island in the south coast of Carita ,Jet Sky riding,Banana boat for family and friends,

This package the only you may found In CARITA BEACH.


About wisatapantaicarita

Saya hanya seorang pemandu,dan anggota turist guide provinsi banten,sengaja membuat blog ini sekedar memberi gambaran tentang lokasi di mana say tinggal juga memperbanyak hasata wisata ,baik wisata pantai,laut maupun hutan disekitar pantai carita Banten

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