>Sunda strait Adventure



Day 01 

As arrive in Jakarta international air port, the trip Started to carita, a main harbour for next tour destnation. Take 2,5 hrs by car (equipped air conditioning) to carita and continued by boat to the National Park Ujung kulon which is well known for home Javan Rhino (Rhinocerous Sondaicus) as well themost visited area of National park, where guest house and other hotel facility are avaliable. (Stay over nite)

Day 02

Early after breakfast, crossing small bay visit to grazing ground,to see wild life Animalssuch as : Wild catle, wild pig kind of birds and once a while we tacking to virginally rain forest in sorounding. One hr later take onto the boat again to the western most of the park, that Tanjung Layar 4 hrs tour Duration At Tanjung Layar where we might see light house, it was planned to be Trade Peer, when Dutch colonization also animals and other object inTanjung Layar can visited.

Day 03

Leave to Krakatau Volcano take by boat can be reached 3 hrs to hike up on to Anak Krakatau , than snorkling at Beatifull scenery of Under water in same day (stay over nite) at Krakatau Volano.

Day 04

After Breakfast crossing the Sunda strait to Sebesi Island, which is take 1 hr by boat, as arrived in The island Checkin simple guest houst many tour object can be visited here

Day 05-07

Whithin 3 day left, our main trip Continued to Way Kambas (Elephant Training Camp) in central Lampung (Sumatra). By crossing Semangka Bay and landing to Kalianda Fishing Harbour and take another 3 hrs to reach Way Kambas.

Way kambas Tour object is Elephant Camp, Canoeing or boating at Way Kanan , where Mammals Kind of birds as well Type of Tropical forest are be found. It is a nice place cause located in the real Jungle isolated from the town Bandar Lampung. On the Last day back to Bakauheni harbour , Crossing Sunda Strait by ferry to merak and the tour will ending in Jakarta.


About wisatapantaicarita

Saya hanya seorang pemandu,dan anggota turist guide provinsi banten,sengaja membuat blog ini sekedar memberi gambaran tentang lokasi di mana say tinggal juga memperbanyak hasata wisata ,baik wisata pantai,laut maupun hutan disekitar pantai carita Banten

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